About the Memorial Foundation

JD Paugh Memorial This foundation and governing committee were formed to bring something positive from a very tragic and negative event.  We share the grief, disappointment and deep sorrow shared by the community, friends and family of Deputy JD Paugh.  Our sense of loss has been re-directed to do something deservedly positive in JD’s name.

We formed this committee with like-minded individuals sharing common interests and goals from various aspects of JD’s life.  Friends, former co-workers and motorcycle enthusiasts.  These aspects all crossed in JD’s life.  If you met JD, in his eyes you were a friend.  Be it during his profession as a deputy sheriff or as a “biker.”  JD was a people person and would help anyone in need.  That same service to others is why he turned around on what appeared to be someone needing assistance even though he was off duty and on his way home.  JD was the type of public servant every community needs and wants.  Tragically he was taken from us and we wish to carry on his legacy of service to those who serve the community like JD did.  To say he gave everything holds a profound meaning.  It’s time for us to honor and give back.  At the request of JD’s family, all proceeds will be utilized to benefit local law enforcement with equipment, training and/or benevolent support, etc. That is how this became a foundation and not just a one-time fund raiser for the family left behind. Due to the Paugh family’s selfless desire to give back to the community, this foundation was formed to continue to support CSRA law enforcement. That includes 13 counties in Georgia and 5 in South Carolina as defined by the CSRA, Central Savannah River Area.

We will continue to grow and organize more events, programs and other ways to continue to give back in JD’s name with your help.

We were formed due to a tragic event.  We will continue with a sense of pride and honor in JD’s name.  We will celebrate his life.

Thank you for visiting our site and return often for updates and improvements.  Feel free to contact any of us with information, ideas or comments.


Michael Cardenaz

President, Co-Founder

Deputy JD Paugh Memorial Foundation


Please view the video to remind us of Their Ultimate Sacrifice… includes JD